The beginning

M. Léon Martin


M. Jocelyn Martin


In 1964, Léon Martin, artisan, and his visionary son, Jocelyn, decided to unite their talents and found L. Martin et Fils enr. Their entrepreneurial dream was to offer high quality, handmade wood products to the people of Rivière-du-Loup and surrounding area.

An increasing demand for door and window products led them to specialize in the field. Thus, in 1979, the father and son proceeded to significantly expand their factory.

The new generation

At the urging of Jocelyn’s daughter and Léon’s granddaughter, Sonia Martin, in 2001, the company took a strategic turn towards developing a complete line of high-end wood products.

In addition to its wood products, Martin also continued to offer a wide range of high-end PVC windows, as well as energy efficient steel doors. Their assembly has set the standard for the entire industry.

Wholeheartedly, Sonia committed herself to carrying on the company’s expertise and reputation that its predecessors had established. In 2007, she became the owner of Martin Doors and Windows.

Our mission

The passion for wood at its finest

Our expertise: Our products distinguish us from the competition by their refinement, their air and water tightness, as well as by their structural and energy efficiency. The expertise of our technical and production staff coupled with a process of continuous improvement of quality creates undeniable added value to your home.

Our clients: We provide consumers, distributors, contractors, architects and designers with a professional, effective and respectful experience.

Our markets: We have a network of distributors in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Our values

The founding principles of our company culture

Our values have been forged over the last 60 years. Inscribed right in the Martin name, these values guide our day-to-day actions.



    Our management philosophy: engaging our human resources! Our engagement is based on trust, support and respect, as well as on a participative management style focused on delivering results.


    Collaboration, respect, integrity and a positive attitude are the foundations of our successes! This success is reflected in results, but above all in a positive work environment.


    Novelty is the source of new projects, new ways of doing things, new products, new customers, new markets, new colleagues and partners. It's innovation in all areas of the company!